Find and recruit TRUE top performers.

Recruit4U, a division of HR4U is a full-service recruiting agency based in Toronto, Canada.
We work with hiring managers and leaders to find, attract, and retain the right talent to grow your business.

From growth roles to mid-level positions to Executive Recruitment,
Recruit4U works with you every step of the way.

RMSG is now Recruit4U!

2 Recruitment Services to Choose from:

From one-off searches to fully integrated outsourced recruiting departments, Recruit4U adapts to your business and needs.

Fractional Recruitment

  • Dedicated experienced full-cycle recruiter to manage the recruitment process from end to end 
  • Write and post job postings to attract candidates
  • Candidate outreach to widen the pool of applicants
  • Screen resumes and conduct initial telephone interviews
  • In-depth initial interviews
  • De-brief hiring managers on final candidates
  • Present offer packages
  • Conduct reference checks, background checks, and psychometric testing
  • Guide candidates through the onboarding process
  • 3-, 6-, 9- or 12-month contract engagements
  • Monthly flat rate fee
  • All Fractional Recruitment clients get 1 year of HR4U’s Starter Level HR Services

Contingency Recruitment

  • Full cycle headhunting recruiting services for targeted positions
  • Rates start at 20% of base salary (excludes any bonus or commissions)
  • Industry-leading 6-month replacement guarantee
  • All Contingency Recruitment clients get 1 year of HR4U’s Starter Level HR Services after the successful placement of a candidate

Recruitment Process

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Let's Chat

Every company is unique. That is the starting philosophy when beginning the recruitment process.

Recruit4U’s partnership begins with meeting all the personnel involved in the hiring process and management of the position. We want to learn what the job entails, what you expect, and what you would like to see from prospective candidates in terms of skills, experience, and behaviours. We dig into the details to learn how you plan to measure success, what support will be given, the culture of your team, and other points needed to know to find your “ideal candidate.”

Let's Get Hunting

Once Recruit4U understands your company’s culture, preferences and requirements, a variety of methods and techniques will be used to find your TRUE performer — such as sourcing, referrals, job posts, database searches, and headhunting.

Yes, you read that right headhunting. What sets Recruit4U apart is we are proactive recruiters. We do outreach and solicitation of employed candidates to find you the best talent for your roles.

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Interview and Role Play

Recruit4U creates specific questions to gauge not only the applicant’s work skills and experience, but also their personality traits and behaviours.

Interviews can uncover if a candidate is suitable for the position and will fit well with a company’s culture. To truly see how a person performs, however, unscripted Role Plays reveal and test the following candidate skills:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Public Speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Management
  • Teamwork
  • And others

Presentation of Candidates

Recruit4U will present to you the final candidates (typically 2 to 4) that passed our screening process and best match your ideal candidate profile.

In a hot job market, like we are seeing today, speed is essential. The best candidates are receiving multiple offers and it’s easy to miss out on the best people if you do not respond quickly. We ask for feedback within 48 hours.

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References and Background Checks

In every search we conduct at least two working references to verify all the information gathered during the interview process, and to gain further insight into the applicant’s work ethics, strengths and weaknesses.

Recruit4U can also perform a variety of background information checks including:

  •  Credit Check
  •  Criminal Reference Check
  •  Work Reference Check
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Educational History Check
  • Certification Check (e.g., Securities Certification)
  • Driver’s License Check (e.g., clean driving record)
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The Offer

Recruit4U works with you to draft an offer of employment on your behalf outlining the placement’s start date, compensation, direct reports, vacation allowance, benefits and requirements (e.g. dress code)

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Why Work with Recruit4U

There are several benefits to partnering with Recruit4U when conducting your company’s recruiting:

1. Network of candidates:

Recruit4U has built a database plus has access to a large network of potential candidates. We can quickly find qualified people to fill your job openings.

2. Proven track record:

Since 2003, Recruit4U has successfully matched candidates to job openings. We have the experience, training, and systems to assess candidates’ skills and experience and match them to the appropriate job openings. This saves time for both you and the candidate.

3. Initial screening process:

Recruit4U handles all the initial screening process, which can be time-consuming for your managers and team. This allows you to focus on more important tasks, such as final interviewing and evaluating the top candidates.

4. Employment laws and regulations expertise:

Recruit4U are knowledgeable about Canadian employment laws and regulations and can ensure that the hiring process is conducted in compliance.

5. Save money, time, and resources:

No need to waste time and resources on advertising the job, reviewing resumes, phone screens and conducting initial interviews.

Recruiting TRUE performers since 2003

“I recently had the pleasure of interacting with Darryl during my recruitment process for a Project Manager (Electro-Mechanical) position. His professionalism, insight, and unwavering support throughout the entire process made it a remarkable experience.

Darryl was instrumental in this successful journey. His personalized approach to providing guidance, his understanding of the industry, and his commitment to ensuring a seamless experience are truly commendable.”

~ Candidate Testimonial

What's next?

Speak with a member of the Recruit4U team. We will be happy to discuss your position and requirements, and work with you to create a tailored recruitment solution for your business that finds the best people for your positions.