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HR4U Earns Their First Review on Clutch

Human Resources is an aspect of business that every need company needs to function properly. However, not everyone has the tools to pull it off effectively especially if they’re just starting out. Our team is built to help those companies in particular as our goal is to give startups the best support they can get so they can grow.

Our story of growth mirrors this as we’ve recently discovered how much we rely on our clients for our own growth. This is the story of our first review and how it’s made a difference for our team.

The company we were working with for this project is an online education company for financial services professionals. They were a startup and didn’t yet have the resources to hire HR staff full-time. The solution they came up with was partnering with a vendor that could provide scalable HR resources that would help them grow.

They chose our team because of the low cost of our solutions coupled with the diligence and responsiveness our team displayed in our first interactions. While we can’t go through all the details of the engagement, those interested can read all about the things the client decided to share in their review. It’s available on our Clutch profile for anyone to go through.

One of the unexpected developments we wanted to highlight from this published review is how it’s been taken by other B2B platforms. This is because we were recently made aware that HR4U was included in the top HR services in Toronto list by The Manifest.

The Manifest is a business news resource that creates rankings of the best companies in every industry and highlights SMEs that wouldn’t get noticed otherwise. Our inclusion in such a list made us realize the importance of letting our clients have a voice in our growth.

Thanks to our client giving us a five-star rating, our reputation gets raised in the eyes of our potential clients before we even do anything. Our goal now is to improve on what our partners have helped us build and rise through the ranks of our industry.

We believe our team is capable of achieving this goal and we appreciate how our partners opened our eyes to this possibility. For those interested in what we have to offer, HR4U provides on-demand virtual Human Resources consulting, management, and documentation for small businesses.

Get in touch with our team today and we can begin a new journey together.